Use the Metro Service

Metro Prepaid’s collections service provides a simple and efficient way to collect and recover the water and electricity used by your sub meters.

The key elements of the service are :

Setting the tariff

When registering your meter/s, Metro Prepaid will assist you to set a tariff that will be charged to your meter users, the tariff is based on the tariff that you pay to Eskom or Council for the main supply of electricity or water.

In terms of current legislation, you may only recover the COST of the electricity and may not profit from the amount charged on the meters.

This may include :

  • a charge for electricity provided for the common areas (for example, kitchen , hot water, outside lighting)
  • charges related to metering and collection
Sale of tokens

Metro Prepaid will then sell top-up tokens to the users of your meters via a number of physical and on-line channels at the tariff that you have set on the meters.

Metro has a huge range of buying options (see How to buy tokens) available 24 hours a day.

Monthly payments

Metro Prepaid collects the funds from the sale of the tokens and aggregates them for each of your meters.

On the 1st business day of each month, Metro pays the full amount (less its service fee) to the registered owner of each meter (to the nominated bank account).

Metro sends you a monthly statement by email, reconciling the amount paid to you.

Service Fees

Metro Prepaid charges a flat administration fee of 8.5% plus vat on the value of the tokens sold.

Depending on how tokens are purchased, the merchant may also charge a fee (0% to 3.5%).

There are no fixed, installation or other usage costs.

Service Fees are usually borne by the Owner of the meters.

Ancillary services
Collection of arrear debts

The Metro collection system can also be used to recover arrear debt for utility and other payments. A proportion of each token purchased can be applied to the outstanding debt, leaving the remaining balance available on the token amount to be used to issue units of electricity or water.

Ready to register your meters for Metro's service?