Buy a Token

Metro offers tenants a wide array of token buying options
Choose one of these options to buy tokens to recharge your meter.

Merchant fees of up to 3.5% are payable to all store, bank and 3rd party payment channels.
No merchant fees are payable on SpeedPay, MetroPay (on-line debit and credit card) or on the App.

Credit or Debit Card Payment

Instant – No Delay

Is it your first time using this service?

Click here for detailed instructions.

0% Merchant Fees Apply

No payment fees!!

Make an EFT to one of these banks:

Use your meter number as reference.

Note: that tokens are delayed approx 20 mins.

0% Merchant Fees Apply

Buy a token from a Flash Vendor
or Buy Flash Credit from these stores

Buy a token from any of these national stores
(Take your meter card or number)

Buy a token using Online, Cellphone (USSD) or ATM payment channels

Buy a token from a Store or Kiosk displaying these logos

Use ONTEC ENERGY to purchase a token using a credit or debit card

Tokens are available instantly
(Note that merchant fees apply)

Buy a Unipin Voucher from these channels
Follow instructions to convert
the voucher to a token

Download our App for easy token buying